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Was quite skeptical at first, because using the word simulator binds to some responsibilities about what you are representing, but then a lot of elements were indeed present. I enjoyed the experience, this is some good work. Makes sense as a game and a simulator.


no like te game

Really good game! Honestly gave me a bit of anxiety! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Very nice i really enjoyed this one ...Something different for a change....

Very impressed. I went in not knowing the seriousness of the tone, but I felt it gave a likely sliver into the horrifying condition that Schizophrenia likely is. Great job dev.


I appreciate the hard work that went into creating your artistic interpretation of schizophrenia...but having worked with people with psychotic disorders, I think it's misleading to call this an "accurate simulation of schizophrenia". Doing so might bias people about an already very poorly understood disorder.


Could you please point me on my mistakes? Because I have spent quite a while to gather all possible information about schizophrenia.
I am planning to lunch a project about schizophrenia again in the future. And I would like to know what, in your opinion, is not accurate here. 


I think that, because schizophrenia has deep and very spectrum. I diagnosed schizophrenia and later changed to a personality disorder. schizophrenia is not just a disorder with specific symptoms. I think is more like certain behavioral group of psychotic disorders.

To me, it's more likely simultaneous flash of things that I can't figure it's real or not. It's mean I see it while I see other. And not so chaotic or satanic. But when it attached with bad memory, well, that is another story. But you think it as double reality, and accept, I don't see what's wrong. Probably acceptance is hard part.

And sometimes, extremely sad things make me feel calm and focus. I think most people doesn't understand it. It's not bearing. 


you did an amazing job on this. Unfortunately everyone experiences episodes of pycosis (due to schizophrenia) very different and is unique to the persons personality upbringing childhood or traumas. But as far as my episode this was spot on and the only one that was resignating with my experience personally. 


i have schizophrenia this is a very accurate simulation of what i experience during the phycosis phase of my disorder. In all actuality i was looking up videos of just schizophrenia to send to my boyfriend to help him better understand. And this is the first simulation out of about 5 i watched that i truly resignated with. He did a very awesome job especially considering not having the disorder himself. Literally had me in tears at the end because of how close it was to what i am experiencing now. You working with people with pycotic disorders is nonwhere close to knowing understanding or living through these episodes of pycosis

I need help! I can't seem to play the game. I downloaded it and when I tried to open the game it asked me what I wanted to open it with. I clicked word pad because it was the first thing that popped up, word pad didn't respond and I just closed the app. The file isn't an application, I think it's just the code or the the text. I'm not sure if that's suppose to happen or if I need to do something, but please help!! It looks like a really interesting game that I want to play!

Try to download both files and check if it is the same for both. What is the document name you have there? File suposed to have a winzip file. Check if you have WinZip on your computer. 

Deleted post
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download winrar, It should be easely open with winrar.   All files are correct. 

Deleted post

Find your winrar and chose to open it with winrar 

Are u running linux?

Are u running linux? 

Install 7zip, then right-click the file and click 7-zip > Extract Here

if youre trying for a phone. Go to google and search apps you can use to play computer games on phones

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Man this was a trip! thanks for making this game and bringing around more attention to mental health issues!

I look forward to your future stuff

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Really enjoyed this game for it's creativity and education. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Keep up the great work. C.P.

Why am I unable to play?  It gives me so many errors codes, EVEN IF I download the files that it says it's missing from certain directories...  Am I doing something wrong?  Someone please help me -_-

Update your vc_redist.x64.exe (google it). If it doestn help you, then update your visulstudio(VS) to new version.


I got increasingly fed up with this game the more I played it. Whilst some scares are surprisingly effective (particularly ones that make use of stereo sound), it played its best cards way too early.

The fish-eye lens and constant chromatic abberation was a constant annoyance, and whilst I understand what you're trying to do by not letting us call the doctor or go against the floating text prompts, something about it isn't very engaging and made me feel like I was carting this person around to the next bit of story instead of experiencing it all for myself.

The final straw was the part with the green door and the three locks. Having to scramble through a pitch-black maze illuminated only by shambling figures coming to get you sounds like a great set up on paper, but all it amounts to is gathering them up in a conga line near the only safe light source, walking backwards and hoping that you stumble upon a key. Even if you did find a key, there'd be nowhere to get it, since you can't see in front of you until it's too late. I can't stop to draw a map or think about my next move either, since the game doesn't pause at all despite having a menu for it.

This sequence is so terrible that I struggle to beleive that it was made by the same developer as the first 20 minutes.

As for this being an accurate simulation of schizophrenia... I'm not sure. Whilst the essential elements are there, it's not worked into gameplay very well.

Not impressed.


i'm a schizophrenia loony hahahahaha i hear voices

I dont like the painting, i feel like someojees watching me.


DO NOT PLAY IF YOU HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA. I have had paranoid schizophrenia and this caused some bad halucinations and i don't feel safe

I got the bad ending... I'm so upset :(

This was a great little game. Got me a couple times!

Link to my channel:

i have tested your great game it lag a lottttt  so please can you plz plz plz can you upgrade a lot the configuration menu like    disabling shadows and downgrading resolution as we want to....and the game should be playable and good so plz plz plz  MAKE IT     I KNOW YOU CAN


Very good game cool story but also very tasteful and well done mental health isn't always portrayed this well in horror


Was this created with the same program as Hasmon?


I think what's great about this game that it makes people like me who don't know anyone schizophrenic in real life, really aware and understand what they go through. Brilliant game!


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1: The maze area with the people chasing you needs some work with performance

2: Is this really as close as it gets to having schizophrenia?

Each case of schizophrenia is unique. But I tried to provide players with basic perception of the illness.

Wow! I never before fully appreciated it, but Schizophrenia must be HORRIBLE.

I really enjoyed this experience, some areas I feel need worked on but the game was very enjoyable none the less . 

Wish I could experience the whole thing, it is pretty intense, but it crashes short after ending up on the chessboard D:
I blame my gfx card... (AMD Radeon R9-360)

can I play it with

intel hd graphics

or no

I think yes

I have a 1GB dedicated GPU and the framerate dropend to 5 at points... i suggest trying but not hoping too much

This Game messed me up! 


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I think so. But it  might  be a bit laggy. 

I can't compliment this experience enough. It's the most accurate representation of living with a mental disorder I've ever found. Thank you for making this.

quite the game to be honest here 

preps to the dev for making me feel crazy as iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigthathdrhgdfghbdafagsrgsgfsdf fsdfsdfsfsesdfFEFEF

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I tried playing it and it froze around the green hallway and door with three locks and I couldnt tell if it was the game or my computer so after a while i exited the game. i think it might just be my computer that caused the issues but i honestly hope i will be able to fully play this 

edit: i restarted it and got to the end but couldnt figure out the code, i just need to play again and figure out what the code is

The code is actually simple to get just look at the paintings around the room and you'll see :)

This was really well done. I couldn't imagine what this is like with the actual disorder. Great work

I really enjoyed the game. It was very beautiful. Great work man

my channel:

watch video here:


This was very eye opening and sent a very important message! I really enjoyed it and I am very happy you made this. Having lost a person from this it gave me good insight on what they might have been going through!

This was one of the coolest but weirdest experiences i've ever had. Really good job! The visuals and audio and general playability were all spot on. 

really freaky but insightful game about Schizophrenia. great work guys 

I thought about not uploading this video at all but i think you guys did a great job with making the player FEEL what its like to have some sort of anxiety simulating schizophrenia. I felt very uncomfortable but overall it was a great experience getting some insight to what others go through. Wish you all the best, looking forward to more.

Note: I wasn't able to figure out the code for the safe until i was actually editing the video. I feel like the pressure/anxiety the game put me through made it hard for me to think clearly, thanks again.

- Grynch

I was going to make a video for this, and aftder playing it, something told me not to. First off let me start with abreviating Schizophrenia by putting (S) because I have a lot to say. First off this is amazing. I myself dont have S however i've heard stories from friends of friends and so on. I know how hard it is for people to deal with S and that sometimes people without this condition brush it under the rug. I did a huge report on this in my college days and I seriously cannot say anything bad about this walkthrough (other than I couldn't get the code for the safe but thats beside the point. There are 2 endings.) 

Anyway, walking through this game it put into perspective of how lost I was especially at the point with the keys. Now I'm not sure if im missing something but for some reason that took me forever to find those keys, which in hindsight was probably part of the game, or i'm just bad at games. Either way this really makes you think. This is serious and this game does dive deep into the condition. I felt the emotions while playing. I had chills. I enjoyed this a lot. 

This is a great introduction to another person's mindset and is a serious condition. I've never written so much on an Itch comment before but to be honest, people need to play this game just to even get an idea about S and the effect it can have on people. 

Very great job devs.

This game was very well done. At one point I started to get overwhelmed and I did not like it. Love the game though and what it represented.

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